Please join me in welcoming Leonard Speiser, the driving force behind this special AI Discovery edition of Space & Time magazine. An MIT alumnus and entrepreneur, Leonard has founded startups like Clover, a renowned point-of-sale system. Additionally, he has contributed to this magazine as a writer. With a background in technology from industry giants such as Intuit, Yahoo!, and eBay, Leonard’s expertise combines the creation of technological products and imaginative worlds, making him the ideal leader for this issue exploring AI-generated content.

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Algorithmic Allies

Written by GPT-4, Prompt by Leonard Speiser

In the grand tapestry of human knowledge, no thread of understanding, once woven in, can be unraveled. Like Prometheus bestowing fire upon humankind, the power of artificial intelligence has been unleashed, irrevocably altering the landscape of our existence. In the wake of this monumental shift, the science fiction community finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the implications and potentialities of AI-generated creativity.

Some publications have elected to bar AI from their creative processes and we respect their decision to preserve their work’s integrity and uphold the values they believe best serve their audience. At Space & Time, we are similarly committed to supporting our authors and maintaining the original goals of our publication.

Yet, it is crucial to remember that the very essence of science fiction is to venture beyond the known, to push the limits of human imagination, and to traverse uncharted territories. In this spirit, we are proud to announce a special bonus edition of Space & Time—an AI-forged odyssey, a “Syntactic Starship”—dedicated to examining the possibilities of AI-generated content.

This landmark issue will transport our readers into a realm entirely sculpted by artificial intelligence. Every word and image will be the product of machines that have, in some respects, transcended human intellect. Each article and artwork in this groundbreaking issue will be submitted by contributors who have harnessed an AI to bring their visions to life—AI-crafted, human-inspired.

All proceeds from this avant-garde edition will be allocated to compensating future human contributors to Space & Time Magazine’s regular publishing schedule. To underscore my personal commitment to supporting our organic creatives, I will also match all sales from this issue with a personal donation, up to $5,000.

We acknowledge the concerns of our fellow writers and editors, who fear that AI may jeopardize their livelihoods. To not fear would be to neglect our survival instincts. However, we firmly believe that embracing and exploring the unknown lies at the core of science fiction. Our objective with this issue is neither to advocate for nor denounce AI, but to enrich the collective understanding of the world we are inexorably entering.

Let us embark on this journey together, delving into the uncharted realms of AI-generated content, and continuing to push the boundaries of our knowledge and comprehension. The future awaits.

Published in issue #144 Special AI Discovery Issue July 2023