Issue 144 • July 2023

As issue #144 goes to print, our real world is in turmoil. Erosion of freedoms, war and violence plagues us. Everywhere we turn the media bombards us with more doomscroll worthy news. In the midst of all of this, there is art. No matter how dark things seem, the human spirit still manages to rise. Creativity and hope keep us afloat. 

In this special AI Discovery issue, we have made an attempt to rise above fear and open our minds to what is possible. Each of these pieces has been touched by AI in some manner. Whether AI was used to translate, inspire, as a co-writer, as a critique partner… each author made an attempt to touch the future. We thank them for attempting to access this brave new world with us.

“Love Me Do” by Dave Hangman
“Emergence” by Tom Howard
“A Lost World” by Chris McAuley
“Online Living Trust” by Don DeBrandt (Available 7/31)
“Our Ghosts Write to Us” by Kayla Nicole Wiltfong (Available 8/7)
“Em Dash Eidolon” by Austin Farmer (Available 8/14)
“Dense, Imperfect Code” by Jen Nafziger (Available 8/21)
“Harmony in Bytes and Beings” by James Hong (Available 8/28)

“Poetry Birds” by Jennifer Shelby
“Airborne” by Colleen Anderson
“Life and (Erasure Poem)” by RK Rugg
“Demon Seed” by Anna Taborska (Available 8/2)
“Demon Spawn” by Anna Taborska (Available 8/9)
“Rare Earth [Hypothesis]” by Bryant O’Hara (Available 8/16)
“My Doppelgänger” by Jonathan Ukah (Available 8/23)
“I am X” by Jonathan Ukah (Available 8/30)
“You are my AI” by Jonathan Ukah (Available 9/6)

“Concept Creator, Not Word Generator” by J. Thorn
“Algorithmic Allies” by GPT-4, prompt by Leonard Speiser

*Stories and poetry become available to read online for free after the dates listed above.

Latest in Fiction

A Lost World by Chris McAuley

Latest in Poetry

Life and (Erasure Poem) by RK Rugg

Latest in Nonfiction

Concept Creator, Not Word Generator by J. Thorn

Latest from the Editor

Algorithmic Allies with Leonard Speiser