Science or Fiction In 50 Years?

Leonard Speiser started several technology companies including Clover (sold to First Data) and Bix (sold to Yahoo!) and is an active investor in technology startups. Leonard has previously worked at eBay, Intuit, and CSFB. He graduated from MIT in 1996. Follow him on Twitter: @leonardspeiser or connect to him on LinkedIn:

Science or Fiction in 50 Years: Uplifting Species

TLDR: Not in your lifetime. People love the concept of animals that can talk like us, walk like us.  The late 1800s and early 1900s are rich in the concept of animals with human level intelligence.  Surgery on the brain or a mix of chemicals have the power to anthropomorphize the animal kingdom. The Island of […]

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Science or Fiction in 50 Years: Immortality

Will we prevent our bodies from aging?  TLDR: Yes Pre-1900s Immortality goes back much further than most other conjectures of science fiction writers.  There are many instances of immortality in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds.  However, the only consistent trend we have is one of a mystical sort.  A picture that ages instead of a […]

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Science or Fiction in 50 Years: Flying Cars

Meet George Jetson. Will we fly to work? TDLR: Yes. We have no shortage of flying cars in our literature and especially in our movies and television. It is a topic approachable to nearly everyone as they sit in gridlock traffic or take a four hour drive to the beach.  We love to imagine a […]

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Science or Fiction in 50 Years: AI Poets

Will the next Shakespeare dream of Electronic Sheep? TLDR: Yes. Artificial intelligence covers a broad range of ideas, but at its essence, we are most intrigued by how they might replace human beings.  What makes a human being a human being? We will let you decide.  This post will be partially written by Sudowrite, an […]

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